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 Congratulations to Hayley  Giannella & Chestnut Ridge's Hershey on their Training Level ESDCTA 2013 Reserve Championship!!








 2012 - 

Hayley Giannella  with Skeeter and Amanda Drew with Hershey went to their first show of the season and did Fantastic!!   First show of the season and first time showing away from Chestnut Ridge and they qualified for the ESDCTA Year End Championships at Training Level.  Way to Go Ladies!!

More photos to follow.   






Lauren & Tarco are going to the ESDCTA Championships! They showed at the Good Times Show to gain some experience off-premises after qualifying for the Championships at our farm show. Lauren won her Training Level - Test 2 class at GTF with a 61.429% and earned a 2nd Place ribbon in Training Level Test 3 with a 62%. CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN AND TARCO!!! (Tarco is owned by Dr. Eli Perris)




Show Results -- Chestnut Ridge Schooling Show - ESDCTA-Sanctioned

Date:     July 24, 2011

Judge:    Susan Jones-Sinelnik (r)

 Class 1-USDF Test #A:

Starter 73        Ida Howell                   Burke               60.000%_     1st_

            56        Brianna Warner -jr      Son of a Bull     _59.400__       2nd


Class 2-USDF Test #B:

Starter 20        Hayley Giannella, jr    Skeeter             _65.625_        _1st

Starter 48        Amanda Drew, jr        Joe’s Approval   _61.875__       _2nd_

Starter 73        Ida Howell                   Burke              _58.800        _3rd

            6        Brianna Warner, Jr.    Son of a Bull         _56.875         _4th_


Class 3 – USDF Test #C: 

            31        Kylie Dickinson, Jr.     Sir Ishtar            _73.000_         1st__

Starter 57        Emily Dave, jr             Kricket             _67.500_         2nd_

Starter 20        Hayley Giannella, jr    Skeeter            __64.000         _3rd__

Starter 48        Amanda Drew, Jr       Joe’s Approval    _62.500_         4th__


Class 4- Training Level – Test 1 – Open:

            14        Lauren Petraglia, Jr    Tarco II            _65.417           _1st_

            31        Kylie Dickinson, Jr.     Sir Ishtar         __65.000_         _2nd

Starter 57       Emily Dave, Jr.           Kricket             _61.667_         _3rd_


Class 5 – Training Level – Test 2 – Open:

            54        Kara Sandifer              Hessel             _62.857_         _1st_

            27        Samantha Blanco, Jr Ian’s Legacy         _62.500_         _2nd_

            14        Lauren Petraglia, Jr,   Tarco II             _62.500_         _3rd_

 Class 6 – Training Level – Test 3 – Open:

            53        Erin Pypiak                 Sophia            __72.000         _1st

Class 8– First Level – Test 1 – Open:

            53        Erin Pypiak                 Sophia              _67.931_         _1st_

 Class 10 - First Level – Test 3 – Open

            49        Lisa M. Post                Yarich               _63.226           _1st_


Spring -- Birth and Renewal

Tempest gave birth to Zephyr on March 6, 2011

First time outside -- One Day Old:

 Awaiting more signs of spring - -


  IT'S A BOY!!!

 Indigo Knight entered the world in the wee hours of the morning on June 4, 2010.


Indy is  the first foal-crop of young Friesian stallion Sipke 450 out of our own Lobke J.  

 Check out his Video -- Indigo Knight Vs. The Ball!!b7KE1tgs1gg


Celebrating Chestnut Ridge's 10th Anniversary!!  Aug., 2009.  





Dressage at Devon, '07~We have just returned from Devon with Galileo with the following results:

~3rd Place in the Four Years old and Above Stallions Under Saddle class, out of 12 stallions shown.

~4th Place in the 5 Year Old Stallions/Geldings Materiale Class, out of 9 horses shown.

Aug 30, '07:   Tynan placed 3rd in the Colt/Gelding Yearlings class at the Dressage at Stone Tavern Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Show aginst warmblood colts!   Whooo-hooo!  A big Thank You to Lisa Basselini, who handled Tynan for us.


Working Student Positions often Available

  • The Student must be available Tuesday through Friday, Minimum Age of applicant is 17 yrs.  Must have reliable Transportation.

  • Duties normally include assist trainers in grooming, tacking, handling horses.   Must have experience in  handling horses, bringing in    from the field, as well as grooming, tacking and cleaning tack. 

  •  Additional duties may include longeing horses as part of their  training.  Will train the working student in proper longeing techniques.

  • In exchange, the working student will earn dressage lessons on well-trained lesson horses, and have the opportunity to  audit clinics by well-known trainers.  Facility Policy is that the student earns a half-hour private lesson with 5 hours work and a 45 minute private lesson with 7 hrs. work.


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